Betting on Low Code Systems when making the Future

Posted: Sep 20, 2017. | Presented at Comotion Future Conference | #Mendix

The Comotion Future conference invited leaders from various technologies to present hypotheses on how the future could be created with their represented technologies. This talk focused on Low Code systems. The talk was given in context of a mobile Conference app which was created in 60 hours on the Mendix platform.

[Download 25.9MB PDF]

Improving Communication within Teams

Posted: Jan 26, 2017. | Presented at SUGSA | #teams

Why do some teams succeed and others, in the same environment, fail? The answer is communication. Patterns of communication are the greatest predictor of team performance - more than personality, skill and other ninja abilities combined. The key lies not in the volume or content but rather in the style in which team members communicate with each other.

[Download 4.8MB PDF]

Bring them to Jesus

Posted: April 02, 2017. | Presented at Fathers House Christian Fellowship

The Apostle Peter's ministry has been well documented within the bible itself. Witnessing great miracles, leader of the early church and escaping prison through miraculous events. By contrast the Apostle Andrew is only mentioned a few times, and each time he does the same thing: brings people to Jesus. This talk dives into how Peter's ministry started when Andrew brought him to Jesus and aims to encourage us to do the same.

[Download 3.0MB PPT]

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