“…ferocious arguing and disagreement about ideas in the pursuit of new knowledge“ Andy Grove (CEO of Intel quoted in 1996) Andy Grove was one of the first employees at Intel who was promoted to president in 1979. During his time as president the company grew to become the world’s 7th largest company. This quote is in context of describing the intensity of culture within the organization and gives us a window into the culture he helped forge during the company’s period of incredible growth. It feels like it should be part of a manifesto somewhere.

  Robert Kennedy shows incredible leadership in taking immediate steps to guide the nation moments after receiving the devastating news of Martin Luther King’s assassination. Delivering his quickly formulated speech on top of a flatbed truck he was able to influence the nation to turn away from revenge that seemed so naturally plausible at the time. He ends his speech with:   “Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.”   Leadership lessons from his example are: 1. Take the risk when the message demands it Robert  Kennedy disregarded fear driven concerns over his safety. The outcome, peace and unity, was[…]

  Ask What do your users like? What do they wish? What do they want if there were no constraints? Resources  1. Here are a few tools to distribute these questions to a random sample of your user base: Google forms; Survey Monkey or; Type Form. 2. Once you’ve evaluated the answers then here are a few tools your team can use to collate and share insights: Como Dash or; Google Data Studio. 3. Finally, here are some tools to facilitate and debate the future based on insights as a team: For finding solutions: Osborn and Parnes’ Creative problem solving; For divergent and convergent conversation facilitation as a small group: Dot voting and; For implementing solutions in your organization: Impact mapping. [end][…]