Why is it so hard to buy life insurance? Mendix saves the day!

  I interviewed Tim Vieyra about the role Mendix is playing in the insurance industry – an industry facing a lot change.

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Eddie Jones on Lessons in Coaching

                  Eddie Jones is an outstanding leader and an inspirational coach. To date his impressive resume includes: Taking Australia to the 2003 Rugby world cup final as the head coach. A member of the South African 2007 Rugby world cup winning squad as a member of the […]

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The Compounding Strength of “Network Effects”

I was made aware a of simple innovation to crowd control barriers at a recent Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) introductory session at the Marathon Group. While normal barriers do well to serve as a visual restriction to a crowd they don’t possess the strength to stop a group of loosely coordinated individuals in a crowd […]

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