Derek Gardiner is the Chief Executive of Seed Analytics. After working in fin-tech for over a decade Derek knows that creating business value involves a combination of innovation, partnerships, and teamwork.

Derek co-founded Comotion Business Solutions, an innovation and technology company which later went on to become the technology partner and co-founding entity of Seed Analytics under the Comotion group. Derek served as Head of IT and Product Management until taking over as Chief Executive.

Derek Gardiner started his career in IT after graduating from the University of Pretoria and later completed a diploma in business management and administration at the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

Derek is an avid runner, sports fan and coffee enthusiast.

Derek Gardiner

Chief Executive and co-founder of Seed Analytics
Co-founder of Comotion Business Solutions
Director of HireBright
Co-founder of The Academy of Coffee

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