Cape Town Dam Levels

Water Storage Insights for the City of Cape Town

This page was put together to monitor the current state of water availability within historical context. Please scroll down for more detailed insights.

Current Levels of Biggest Dams

Size of Biggest Dams

Historical Dam Levels for all Dams

Cape Town Population Growth

This data was included to help answer the question: "Is the water shortage due to popluation growth?" Please hover over the graph to see population growth percentages.

Understand your water usage

Use the water calculator provided by the city to ensure your daily usage remains below restrictions: Water usage calculator

Cape Town Dam Levels

This project started with a simple dam level visualization of the City of Cape Towns dam levels to display effects of the drought over the last 2 years. It expanded to the current dam level pie charts to show the current state to the dams. Later it included population data to attempt to determine if how much of the shortage is connect to population growth.

Invitation to you

I would love to enrich this data with either Cape Town population growth or rainfall data. If you know of cost effective a way I can find that data please email me:

Project Details

Author: Derek Gardiner

Tagged: Data, Management

Version: 1.0.4

Created Date: 15 Jul, 2017

Data Updated: 15 Jul, 2017

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