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Comotion Business Solutions is a software development business. Our passion is producing proprietary technology solve problems at scale. Together, with our partners, we've built Seed Analytics and HireBright as their own businesses respectfully.


Seed Analytics is a data consolidation platform for the wealth advisory industry. Seed Analytics offers automation to an industry overloaded by regulatory admin. Seed Analytics has established offices in Canada (Toronto) and South Africa (Cape Town).


HireBright performs cognative ability testing during the pre-employment phase for employers. The HireBright hiring process significantly reduces overall costs during the employment process.


The Academy of Coffee is a coffee shop that serves addictively wonderful coffee.

Mendix Malt is a Youtube channel produced by Comotion and dedicated to the Mendix low-code productivity platform.

Youtube Channel

Raising Brightness is a visual and auditory learning educational assistance platform for South African scholars in Grades 4, 5 and 6. Raising Brightness was created and managed by HireBright.

Derek Gardiner

Co-founder of Comotion Business Solutions
Director of Seed Analytics
Director of HireBright
Co-founder of The Academy of Coffee

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